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Medical marijuana has become an important element in the lives of those who need its beneficial properties due to health complications. In order to receive medical marijuana and its benefits, you will need to be authorized by a doctor or medical agency. When you are approved, you will be able to get a medical marijuana card in order to receive your prescription.

Acquiring your card can involve many decisions, but when you have chosen to get a card, then you will have to choose how to get it. There are many options when trying to acquire a medical marijuana card. The card is a certified to allow you to treat your condition, and can open many doors, but how do you get a medical marijuana card online?

Before you decide to go out and get the card, you may want to research the information that is provided. Compare prices from the various marijuana medical centers, and take note on their distance. You may also want to check out on how long the wait will be to get the card. Make sure to check that all of the payments are together instead of in separate installments. You will want to go prepared in order to make the process go easy.

Before you are given the card, you will have to be evaluated to confirm that you qualify. Make sure to review what is needed for the evaluation and know what is needed before you arrive.
Today, there is an easier method that will allow you to get your card with more conveyance. The introduction of the internet has opened the door for people to get their cards online. The procedures are the same, but to avoid any complications during your evaluation, make sure to follow these steps to guarantee your medical marijuana card.


(1) MEET THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A MEDICAL CONSULTATION. Before you decide to contact an accredited online doctor, make sure that you have valid proof that you are at least eighteen by providing valid identification: passport, driver’s license, or another form of state identification. After making sure that you have the correct identification, you will need to review what type of medical issue provides you with an adequate reason for using medical marijuana such as:

(a) Chronic pain that is persistent and has no other means to be alleviated.
(b) You are suffering from cancer and its deliberating effects which causes many other complications that medical marijuana may be able to cure.
(c) You have been diagnosed with AIDS and marijuana will help to relieve its effects.
(d) Hands, body, and other parts of your body are suffering from signs of arthritis.
(e) People who suffer from seizures are also qualified to receive medical marijuana as a means to regulate their problem.
(f) Muscle spasms can be alleviated from the benefits of using cannabis.
(g) Nausea is also a condition that can be remedied with its benefits.
(h) Those who suffer from migraines also qualify for the benefits of using medical cannabis to help stop the pain and discomfort of this condition.
Besides for these medical issues, those who have PTSD and any other type of illness that can be regulated by the use of medical marijuana.

Now, that you have all of your qualifications in order, the next step is to visit the website where you can get your medical card online. There are several sites that you can choose to get your card, but not all of them are the same. It is best to review and compare different sites in order to discover the correct one to get your card. You will be asked about your medical information over the site. Information concerning your medical profile and other data will be used to process and receive your card. All of the medical data will be kept confidential, so there is no worry about information being leaked out to third parties. Questions can be answered by medical personnel if there are any concerns as to the procedure and requirements. The site that fits you best and makes you feel comfortable about the procedure should be the one to choose. Not all sites are the same when it comes to deciding where to go to acquire your medical marijuana card. Choosing the right online site can make an enormous difference in your experience.

(3) AFTER CHOOSING A WEBSITE, FILL OUT THE FORMS AND APPLY. The next step is to fill out all of the relevant forms that are required to receive the card. The procedure is the same as if you went to a medical facility to get your card. You will need to give your name, birth date, postal, and email address as well as the rest of your medical information. You can even upload your current health records to the website and any other information that can help them to assist you better with your condition. You will need to take a picture of your current identification card that has a photo of you. The recommendation that is given is valid and accredited, which means, that it can be used at other medical facilities to determine your medical needs.

(4) CHOOSE THE OPTION TO GET YOUR CARD ONLINE OR PAPERS OFFLINE. After you have been able to cover all of the necessary recommendations, the next step is to decide if you want your card from the site, or do you want to go get your papers from a medical facility. The paper medical recommendation is for those who decide not to go the next step to get a card. The problem with having papers is that they are bulky and not easy to carry sometimes. You may find it harder to prove that you are a medical marijuana patient because the information that is on the paper doesn’t have easy accessible identification markers such as a photo. This may cause problems with police and dispensaries if you aren’t able to get the original or to prove that it is you. It is best to get the card in order to avoid any complications that may arise. The card is convenient and has all of the identification markers that are needed to show that it is you. This can easily be handled at the site which is usually done with an extra fee, and it is easier than going down to the medical facility.

(5) GETTING YOUR CARD IN THE MAIL. Once you have applied and been approved over the internet, you will be able to print out a PDF form of your cannabis recommendation. This can be used at various places that accept the online printed version. Your medical marijuana card will be sent in the mail and should arrive within two or three days. The delivery will also include your original recommendation. Make sure to review all of the material to see that it is correct. If there are any mistakes in the information, notify those who sent you the card immediately to rectify the issue, but this is usually not the case, and you will receive your card promptly.


A medical marijuana card is one of the first steps you will need to follow if you are going to use marijuana for medical purposes. The marijuana recommendation that is given by a doctor is nothing more but medical advice that describes a patient’s condition and the need to alleviate it with marijuana. Although, the “recommendation” comes from a doctor, and it is the “recommendation” that gives you the card, the “recommendation” is not legal under federal law. It only states that you are using it for medical purposes and allows you some latitude when engaging in such activities. Under federal law, doctors can’t prescribe an illegal substance that is still considered illegal. The federal government has stated that they are not going after individuals as long as they stay within their allotted range.
Having the card means responsibility as well as medical treatment. Always make sure that you have your card and that it is not lost. If it is lost, then call to report it immediately so that you can avoid any repercussions.


(1) Do I need to renew my medical recommendation from the doctor? The answer to this question is yes, you will need to renew your paperwork annually to still receive the benefits of the card.
(2) Will my health insurance pay for my card? This answer is a “NO” because marijuana is considered to be illegal under federal law and is ranked as a Schedule I drug under federal statutes.
(3) How much marijuana can I have in my possession when I have the card? Depending on your state, the amount can change depending on the leniency of the state. For example, in California, Senate Bill 420 or SB420 has stated that a patient can grow up to a maximum of six mature cannabis plants that can be used for personal consumption. The California Supreme court system has also revised the law and has stated that a patient who uses marijuana to supplement their medical needs, has the right to grow as much as they need to alleviate the problem.


Having a card is a must and getting it has become easier when you have options that are online. The process of acquiring a card from the internet is less troublesome than if you were to go to one of the medical marijuana doctor evaluation sites. You may find it hard to get to the location because of limited transportation or you may have a difficult time constraint that makes getting your card online a better choice.

Review all of the information that will be needed before you go online to start the process. Telemedicine is allowed per the California Medical Board. Make sure to get a good understanding about all of the steps that will be involved in the process. Getting your medical marijuana card can be a delightful experience, if you follow the right steps.

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